Easy Green Tips To Save Money At Home

Here are some of our quick tips for going green at home. All of these tips are easy to follow, don’t take much time or effort and can be done by all of us. Best of all they will help reduce your  bills:

  • Look at your lamps and lights….are you still using traditional bulbs? if so then this is the first way you can save cash by going green at home. Instead of traditional bulbs opt for fluorescent light bulbs (also known as CFL). They can be picked up at all DIY shops and even your local supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys. By switching to a CFL you will cut your energy use down by 75%!!! Not only that but if you go for a 25 watt CFL bulb they will last around 10,000 hours, which is about 10 times more than the average 75 watt bulb we all usually have. In terms of cash that would save you around $83 as the bulb lasts longer and uses less energy!!
  • Our next tip is even easier and if followed will save you around $200 each year….all you need to do is unplug all appliances that have a lovely LED light on them when you go out, go on holiday or go to bed. This includes things such as your TV, radio and computer. Of course your partner or room-mates may not appreciate the fridge being turned off each night…so you can probably skip that one 😉
  • Our final easy green tip may require a little effort but it’s still very simple. If you have old mobiles or electronics lying around the house or in the kitchen drawer then do not simply throw them away…instead recycle them with companies who will pay for them! Yip that’s right those old brick sized phones are of use and best of all you can make some cash from them. Look on the net for companies that recycle phones such as http://www.fonenet.com just send your phone off to them following their  instructions and then you will receive payment according to the age and condition of the phone which can be anything from £10 to over £200!!

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    Jean Flannigan said,

    Oooh this site is perfect. I live in England and I’ve been wanting to save on my gas and electric bills for ages. I’ve just changed all of my old light bulbs in January (trying to save money after Xmas!!) and over the past 4 bills (5th one is due soon) I’ve saved around £10 per month (so hopefully £120 over the year).

    I’ll be keeping track of this as everything in England has just gone up in prices. Any ideas on how to lower my petrol costs and they’ve just put the water bills up too 😦

    • 2

      Jonathan Martin said,

      Hi Jean,

      I’m going to cover “Green Driving” in a new article soon, be sure to stay tuned.

      Its amazing what a little thought can do, for both the enviroment and your purse!!

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